When looking to lease offices, potential tenants often have various questions and concerns. Here are some of the most frequently asked questions:

1. What is the Rental Cost?
   - How much is the monthly rent for the office space?
   - Are there any additional costs such as utilities, maintenance, or parking fees?

2. Lease Terms and Duration:
   - What is the length of the lease agreement?
   - Is there an option to renew the lease?
   - What are the penalties for breaking the lease agreement early?

3. Location:
   - Is the office located in a safe and convenient area?
   - What is the proximity to public transportation, highways, and amenities?

4. Space and Size:
   - How many square meters is the office space?
   - Is the space customizable or can it be divided?

5. Facilities and Amenities:
   - What facilities are included in the lease (e.g., parking, security, reception area)?
   - Are there shared amenities such as meeting rooms, kitchen facilities, and common areas?

6. Security and Safety:
   - What security measures are in place in the building or complex?
   - Are there surveillance cameras, security personnel, or access control systems?

7. Parking:
   - Is parking available on-site? If so, how many spaces are allocated?
   - Is there an additional cost for parking?

8. Utilities and Services:
   - Which utilities are included in the rent (e.g., water, electricity, internet)?
   - How are utility costs calculated and billed?

9. Maintenance and Repairs:
   - Who is responsible for maintenance and repairs within the office space?
   - How quickly are maintenance requests typically addressed?

10. Terms of Use:
    - Are there any restrictions on how the space can be used or modified?
    - Can I make changes to the office layout or design?

11. Lease Agreement Details:
    - What are the terms and conditions of the lease agreement?
    - Are there any specific clauses or requirements that I should be aware of?

12. Tenant Mix:
    - What types of businesses are currently leasing space in the building or complex?
    - Is there a particular industry focus?

13. Accessibility and Disability Compliance:
    - Is the building accessible for individuals with disabilities?
    - Are there provisions for wheelchair ramps, elevators, and accessible restrooms?

14. Visitors and Clients:
    - Are there any restrictions on bringing in visitors or clients?
    - Is there a reception area for guests?

15.*Lease Application Process:
    - What documents are required for the lease application?
    - How long does the application process usually take?

16. Lease Renewal and Termination:
    - What is the process for renewing the lease at the end of the term?
    - What is the notice period for terminating the lease?

It's important for potential tenants to thoroughly review the lease agreement and ask any questions they may have before signing. Additionally, consulting with legal and financial advisors can provide further clarity and ensure a smooth leasing process.

With the above questions and considerations in mind only being the most common asked, choosing an estate agent you wish to work is vital to guide you through the process. Safcom Properties offers experienced brokers with a thorough knowledge of the industry and the areas they work. We appreciate your concerns and look forward to addressing with you. Always ready and happy to assist.