Making Informed Decisions About Your Property
Our in-house property valuer working alongside our area specialist commercial agents provides you with advice and informative market indicators to assist you in setting current and accurate market related rentals and property valuations, whether looking to value your property portfolio, establish a market related rental or an achievable selling price for your property.

Know Your Property Better
Safcom compliments its commercial leasing and sales brokers by offering additional services assisting property owners and tenants to become more knowledgeable about the property they own or lease in order to make the most informed decisions possible. We also have an in-house candidate professional valuer providing extensive valuation advice.
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Below Are Websites Where You Will Find Real-Time Information On Your Property
Surveyor General Diagrams
  • The unique property description
  • Extent of the property
  • Description of boundaries
  • Co-ordinates of boundaries
  • The shape of the property
  • Registered servitude areas
SG Diagrams can be accessed publicly by clicking here.
Zoning Scheme (City of Cape Town)
The Online Zoning Viewer is an interactive map offering the opportunity for the general public to view the erf number and current zoning of any property in Cape Town.
This can be accessed by clicking here
Municipal Valuation
Property valuations reflect the price a willing buy and seller agree for the sale of a property. The City performs general valuations every three years and is continually collecting information on all properties in Cape Town to perform these valuations. The importance of these valuations on property owners is that the City's valuations are used to calculate the monthly rates property owners should pay for their property.
These valuations define the market value of each property and, subsequently, the property's monthly rates. You can search here for the latest general and supplementary valuation roll which outlines the information on property rates payable on a property.
You can access the frequently asked questions (FAQs) by downloading the brochure produced by the City by clicking here.

Calculation Of Municipal Rates & Taxes
The Local Government: Municipal Property Rates Act (Act 6 of 2004) states that every municipality must produce a General Valuation Roll (GVR) at least once every four years.
Generally, the City of Cape Town produces its GVR every three years to help minimise the impact of large fluctuations in property value. The most recent GV2022 took effect as of 1 July 2023 and will remain in effect until 30 June 2026.
The City of Cape's municipal rates are based on the zoning of a property ie either Residential or Non-Residential. There are exemptions and a more detailed description ois available by downloading the document drafted by the City of Cape Town. Click here to access the detailed document or read further for more details commentary.
There are qualifying exemptions, reductions and rebates as prescribed by the Municipal Property Rates Act of 2004 and the "City's Rates Policy". These need to be applied for, and are excluded from the estimation:
  • Restitution exclusions
  • Religious Organisations exclusions
  • Public Service Infrastructure exclusions
  • Pensioner rebates
  • Indigent rebates
  • Contractual rebates
  • Agricultural rebates
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Reduction Of All Residential Property Values
For all residential properties as described in the Rates Policy, it is not permissable to levy a rate on the first R15 000 and the rateable value of residential property used as a primary place of residence with a market value of below R5 000 001,00 (five million and one rand) will be reduced by a further amount of R435 000. The City also provides for a further exemption of R435 000 for all residential properties. Rates will therefore not be levied on the first R450,000 of the value for all residential properties. This is the largest exemption of all metropoles across South Africa.

Residential Tariff:
Non-Residential Tariff:
Residential Exclusion*:
R 15,000

Non-Residential properties include; offices, retail, industrial, mixed use and commercial zoned vacant land.
* Additional exemption if a primary residence and valution is below R5,000,001: R 435,000 additional exemption

An example of monthly rates calculation:
An Office with a municipal valuation of R 2,000,000.
Monthly Rates:
= Municipal Valuation x Non-Residential Tariff ÷
No. of Months in a Year
= R 2,000,000 x 0.014742 ÷ 12 = R 2,457.00
A Residential property being used as a primary residence with a municipal valuation of R2,000,000.
Monthly Rates:
= (Municipal Valuation - Residential Exclusion) x
Residential Tariff ÷ No. of Months in a Year
= (R 2,000,000 - R 450,000) x 0.006273 ÷ 12 = R 810.26
Objections To Municipal Valuation
The objection period for 2022 general valuations (GV2022) ended on 30 April 2023. No late objections will be accepted.
Should you disagree with your property valuation and the deadline passes, you can request the property to be revalued in a Supplementary Valuation, however it will be at a cost.
Supplementary valuations can be requested by contacting City of Cape Town's Rates and Valuations Enquiries Department on 086 010 3089 or by emailing for more information.
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