Safcom Properties was launched towards the end of 2012 with its founding members Elton Faber, Fabio Gallotta and Michael Wylie bringing together an ideal blend of extensive property experience with a young, dynamic leadership structure. Since then, the company has evolved rapidly, firmly establishing itself as a strong player in the commercial property sector across the greater Cape Town region.

at your service:

From humble beginnings, we fast forward to 2017 to find Safcom Properties having developed into a multi-services property company. In particular, we're involved with property facilities management, where we provide landlord representation and tenant liaison services. Our current management portfolio is comprised of numerous single and multi-tenanted office, industrial and retail buildings and sectional title units, located predominantly in the Century City and Tyger Valley areas.

Our core business, however, centres around our property brokering services. We provide leasing, sales and investment services specifically focussed in the office, industrial and retail property environment. We employ qualified professional property consultants who specialise in strategically targeted commercial and industrial nodes throughout the greater Cape Town metropolitan area. We strive to provide our clients with a personalised service tailored to their specific property requirements.


Unlike the residential market, the commercial property industry can be highly variable, often with a multitude of competing interests at play. This creates difficulty when it comes to gathering the information required to make like-for-like comparisons when weighing up property options. This can turn the property procurement process into a frustrating and time-consuming task. Solving this ongoing problem is where Safcom Properties creates value by forming a vital link in the information/communication chain between tenant, landlord, buyer, seller, managing entity and other stakeholders. We have developed and are continually managing a comprehensive property knowledge database, forming relationships with property owners and their tenants in the process. We keep this database constantly up-to-date thereby enabling us to provide you with complete information in real time. Equipped with this analysis, and together with assured advice along the way, you are ready to make well-informed property decisions!