Sable Square Village

Milnerton Central, Milnerton view

Sable Square Village: Your Ultimate Business and Retail Destination near Century City and Milnerton

Welcome to Sable Square Village, an exceptional development designed to meet the needs of businesses seeking office spaces in proximity to Century City and Milnerton, as well as retailers looking for prime retail premises in a bustling neighbourhood shopping hub.

Key Features for Businesses: 1. Strategic Location: Positioned at the prominent intersection of Ratanga Road and Bosmansdam Road, Sable Square offers unparalleled accessibility to Century City and Milnerton. Major roadways ensure seamless connections.

2. Modern Office Spaces: Discover modern office spaces thoughtfully designed across ten blocks (A through J) within the center. With functional layouts and contemporary amenities, the offices cater to diverse business requirements.

3. Floor Configurations: Sable Square boasts ground floor retail and first floor offices in the majority of blocks with the main block (D block) having lift access across three floors.

4. On-Site Amenities: Businesses benefit from an array of on-site amenities, including a PnP supermarket, restaurants and coffess shops for meetings and lunches, secure parking facilities for employees and clients, and a dynamic community environment. There is also a Zone Fitness gym for the active persons.

5. Networking Opportunities: The center's community-driven approach creates a collaborative environment that fosters networking opportunities among businesses, encouraging growth and collaboration.

Prime Retail Spaces for Retailers: 1. Diverse Retail Mix: Retailers seeking optimal exposure and customer engagement will thrive at Sable Square. The center houses a diverse mix of shops, boutiques, and outlets, catering to a broad customer base. China Town offers retailers many visitors to the centre and which other businesses enjoy the exposure. Baby City also brings in moms and pops to the centre, along with many national brands.

2. Neighbourhood Shopping Center: Sable Square's designation as a neighbourhood shopping hub places retailers at the core of local activity, ensuring sustained customer traffic and loyalty. 3. Culinary and Lifestyle Focus: With a thoughtfully curated dining precinct and a concentration of lifestyle stores, Sable Square provides an exceptional platform for retailers in these segments to flourish.

4. Foot Traffic Advantage: The center's strategic location and reputation for quality retail experiences guarantee consistent foot traffic, granting retailers premium visibility and exposure.

Key Building Details: - Number of Blocks: Ten blocks (A through J) within the center, accommodating diverse businesses and retailers.

- Number of Floors: Each block features ground and first floors with block D incorporating three floors, providing flexibility in choosing the ideal office or retail space.

Why Choose Sable Square Village: - Centrality: Perfectly positioned for businesses seeking office spaces near Century City and Milnerton, and retailers looking for a high-traffic location.

- Flexible Spaces: The center offers a range of flexible spaces, ensuring a perfect fit for both businesses and retailers.

- Community Vibe: Sable Square fosters a sense of community, making it an enticing destination for businesses and retailers alike.

- Ample Parking: The center offers secure and ample parking facilities for the convenience of employees and visitors.

Experience the excellence of Sable Square Shopping Centre today. Whether you're a business seeking optimal office spaces or a retailer aiming for prime retail prominence, the development at the corner of Ratanga Road and Bosmansdam Road offers the perfect foundation for success. Features

  • Strategic location near Century City and Milnerton.
  • Modern office spaces across ten office blocks.
  • Ground, first and second floors within lift access
  • On-site amenities including a curated dining precinct and secure parking.
  • Diverse retail mix with variety of shops, boutiques, and outlets.
  • Consistent foot traffic due to prime location and reputation.