Wetton, Cape Town

Wetton is a small suburb in Cape Town approximately 14 kilometres from Cape Town City Centre, with a surface size of only 0.74 km². It is situated on the edge of the Southern Suburbs alongside the suburbs of Lansdowne and Ottery. Delving further into Wetton: Commercial Property Highlights Wetton is primarily an industrial area with a variety of businesses operating in the region and is renowned for its large, big box, heavy industrial properties. Many of the formerly, agricultural zoned, farmlands have been rezoned over the years to accommodate its expansion owing largely to the growth in industrial development. Transportation Wetton is well-served by public transport. The Lansdowne/Wetton Corridor offers a direct, efficient, and scheduled public transport service which include bus and taxi operator services. There are also train routes that pass near Wetton Station. Accessibility The Lansdowne/Wetton Corridor has improved accessibility to the areas along its route. Wetton is also accessible due to its proximity to major highway routes, making it easy to reach Cape Town International Airport and the harbour and container terminals.