Westside Business Park

Westlake, Cape Town view

Westside Business Park at 35 Stibitz Street, Westlake, presents an exceptional opportunity for businesses seeking General Industrial 1 (GI1) zoned sectional title properties. This development comprises five warehouse units, ranging from 182sqm to 266sqm, catering to diverse business needs.

Property Features:

Warehouse Specifications: The units boast double volume warehouses, accessible through a 5m high roller shutter door. This facilitates efficient loading and unloading operations, catering to the logistical needs of various industries.

Power Supply: Each unit is equipped with 63 amps of three-phase power, ensuring ample electricity supply to support industrial operations.

Office Space: The layout is thoughtfully designed, with a pedestrian entrance leading to a ground floor area housing offices and reception. Stairs lead to a first floor, predominantly arranged in an open plan layout, offering flexibility for office configurations.

Facilities: Ablutions and a kitchenette are conveniently situated both in the warehouse area and on the first floor adjacent to the offices, enhancing the overall functionality of the space.

Parking: Each unit comes with three exclusive use parking bays, providing convenience for employees and visitors.

Security Measures:

Perimeter Security: The park is secured by full perimeter electric fencing, creating a robust barrier against unauthorized access.

Surveillance: CCTV cameras are strategically placed to monitor key areas, enhancing overall security surveillance.

Access Control: A motorized vehicular access gate serves as the single entry/exit point, tightly controlling access to the park.

Location Benefits:

Situated in Westlake, the park enjoys proximity to transport amenities. The strategic location ensures ease of access to various modes of transportation, including buses, taxis, and potentially railway services, facilitating smooth connectivity for employees and clients alike.

Ideal Businesses:

Westside Business Park is ideally suited for businesses requiring General Industrial 1 zoning, such as manufacturing, distribution, or logistics companies. The diverse unit sizes cater to a range of business scales, making it an attractive option for various industries.

In summary, Westside Business Park offers a well-designed and secure industrial space, equipped with essential features to support a wide array of businesses. The strategic location and thoughtful design make it a prime choice for those seeking a functional and secure workspace in Westlake. Features

  • GI1 Zoning
  • Varied Unit Sizes
  • Double Volume Warehouses
  • High Roller Doors
  • 63 Amps Power
  • Office Space Included
  • Open Plan Layout
  • 3x Exclusive Parking Bays per Unit
  • Electric Fencing
  • CCTV Surveillance
  • Motorized Access Gate
  • Single Entry Point
  • Close proximity to Bus and Taxi services