Westlake Square

Westlake Square was completed in 2000 and offers an exceptional business environment within its Sectional Title Scheme, featuring a range of office spaces designed to meet diverse business needs. Strategically located in the heart of Westlake, this complex is easily accessible and provides an array of amenities for modern businesses. The 10,300sqm of medium rise office, retail and loft units within the complex has 145 parking bays.

Westlake Square was built to accommodate the urban work-live buildings with more connection between people. The central square was designed to provide shelter from the strong wind associated with the area and as a communal courtyard where each business has their name on their door and can be seen from the central courtyard. Westlake Square is completed with the Gourmet Junction Foods, the on-site coffee shop with breakfast and lunch on offer and also providing a meeting place for businesses.

Office Spaces: The offices within Westlake Square come in various sizes, ranging from 50sqm to 350sqm, catering to both small startups and established enterprises. Each office is equipped with its own enclosed ablution facilities, ensuring privacy and convenience for occupants.

Parking: Tenants benefit from a variety of parking options, including podium, open, and basement parking bays. Additionally, the complex offers 30 minutes of free visitor parking, enhancing accessibility for clients and guests.

Security: Safety is a top priority at Westlake Square. The complex features a dedicated security office in the entrance foyer, where 24-hour on-site security personnel monitor CCTV cameras, providing a secure environment for businesses and their clients.

Connectivity: Westlake Square is fiber ready, ensuring high-speed internet connectivity for seamless business operations. This technological infrastructure supports the diverse needs of businesses, from law firms and accounting offices to event management and travel agencies.

Tenant Profile: The complex is highly regarded among professionals, attracting attorneys, accountants, event organizers, and travel businesses. Its popularity extends to business owners residing in the Southern Suburbs, making it a hub for local entrepreneurs. Westlake Square offers affordable office solutions, both for rent and purchase, making it an attractive choice for businesses seeking quality office spaces without compromising their budget.

Ideal for:

Attorney Offices: With its secure environment and convenient amenities, Westlake Square provides an ideal setting for legal practices, ensuring client confidentiality and comfort. Accounting Firms: Accountants benefit from the varied office sizes and secure infrastructure, enhancing their productivity and client interactions. Event Management Companies: Event organizers appreciate the flexibility of office sizes and the central location, facilitating seamless event planning and coordination. Travel Businesses: Travel agencies find the accessible location and diverse office options conducive to their business growth, catering to both staff and clients effectively. Westlake Square stands as a testament to modern, flexible, and secure office spaces, creating a thriving business community in the heart of Westlake. Whether you're starting a new venture or expanding an existing business, Westlake Square offers the perfect environment for your success. Features

  • Modern: Westlake Square boasts contemporary design and state-of-the-art facilities, providing businesses with a modern and professional environment.
  • Secure: With 24-hour on-site security personnel and monitored CCTV cameras, Westlake Square ensures a safe and secure workplace for all occupants.
  • Accessible: Conveniently located in the heart of Westlake, the complex offers easy access to major roads and public transportation, enhancing the overall accessibility for businesses and clients.
  • Flexible: From varying office sizes to adaptable workspaces, Westlake Square accommodates businesses of all scales, fostering flexibility and growth opportunities.
  • Tech-Ready: Equipped with fiber-optic internet connectivity, Westlake Square is technologically advanced, supporting seamless communication and efficient operations.
  • Professional: The complex attracts a diverse range of professional tenants, creating a dynamic and conducive atmosphere for networking and collaboration.
  • Convenient: With a range of parking options, including free visitor parking, and individual ablution facilities in each office, Westlake Square prioritizes convenience for both tenants and their clients.
  • Affordable: Offering affordable office solutions for rent and purchase, Westlake Square provides cost-effective options without compromising on quality and amenities.
  • Popular: Renowned among businesses in the Southern Suburbs, Westlake Square is a sought-after destination, reflecting its popularity and reputation within the local business community.
  • Thriving: The diverse mix of businesses and professionals within Westlake Square creates a vibrant and thriving business ecosystem, fostering innovation and growth opportunities for all occupants.