Westlake Lifestyle Centre

Westlake, Cape Town view

Westlake Lifestyle Centre: A Prime Mixed-Use Development in the Heart of Westlake

Location: Westlake Drive, Westlake, Cape Town, South Africa

Nestled along the prestigious Westlake Drive, Westlake Lifestyle Centre stands as a testament to contemporary mixed-use development. Originally constructed in 2003 and recently reimagined in 2024, this vibrant center harmoniously combines ground floor retail spaces and first-floor offices, making it a focal point of business and commerce in the area.

Property Features:

Redevelopment: The property underwent a thoughtful redevelopment in 2023 and relaunch in July 2024, enhancing its aesthetic appeal and functionality.

Parking Facilities: Westlake Lifestyle Centre offers the convenience of both open and basement parking, totaling 173 parking spaces. This feature ensures easy accessibility for visitors and tenants alike.

Retail Spaces: The ground floor of the center is primarily dedicated to retail, providing an array of spaces ranging from 50sqm to 300sqm. This diversity caters to businesses of various sizes, fostering a dynamic and engaging shopping experience.

Office Spaces: On the first floor, a seamless blend of retail and office spaces awaits, ranging from 50sqm to 300sqm. The majority of these spaces fall between 100sqm and 150sqm, offering ideal dimensions for businesses seeking a modern and versatile working environment.

Anchor Tenants: Westlake Lifestyle Centre proudly hosts a large Clicks store, catering to diverse retail needs, and is anchored by an upmarket Checkers Foods, adding a touch of sophistication to the shopping experience. There is also a Bootleggers Coffee Cafe providng a welcomed meeting place fro business meetings and friends. Other notabel tenants include OCAMaster, Absolute Pets, The Poke CO. , iSpy , Ryan Boon Meats and BOA.

Strategic Location:

Strategically positioned just off Steenberg Road, Westlake Lifestyle Centre enjoys a prime location perfectly tailored to meet the demands of the surrounding upmarket residential areas and gated communities. Additionally, its proximity to the established Westlake commercial node enhances its appeal as a hub for business and retail.

Total GLA (Gross Lettable Area): 5,340sqm

Ideal for Various Businesses:

This versatile center is well-suited for a wide range of businesses, including boutique retailers, professional offices, wellness centers, and eateries. Its adaptable spaces provide ample opportunities for entrepreneurs and established enterprises alike.

Amenities and Accessibility:

Apart from the generous parking facilities, Westlake Lifestyle Centre benefits from excellent transport links, including bus and taxi routes, ensuring the seamless flow of customers and employees. Its central location makes it easily accessible via various modes of transportation, facilitating a steady stream of visitors.


Westlake Lifestyle Centre stands as a beacon of modernity and convenience in the heart of Westlake. Its strategic location, diverse retail and office spaces, ample parking, and anchor tenants make it a prime choice for businesses looking to thrive in a bustling and sophisticated environment.

For inquiries or to arrange a viewing, please contact Safcom Properties' area specialist, Simon Solomon.

Feel free to let us know if you would like any additional information or specific details relating to the property! Features

  • Prime Location: Central position on Westlake Drive, offering accessibility and visibility.
  • Mixed-Use Development: Blend of ground-floor retail and first-floor offices for diverse business opportunities.
  • Recent Redevelopment: Modernized in 2023 and set to relaunch in July 2024, ensuring contemporary facilities and aesthetics.
  • Anchor Tenants: Featuring a large Clicks store, an upmarket Checkers and Bootleggers Coffee Shop, attracting high foot traffic.
  • Ample Parking: 173 convenient open and basement parking spaces for visitors and tenants.
  • Strategic Connectivity: Located off Steenberg Road, connecting with major transportation routes.
  • Targeted Audience: Caters to upmarket residential areas, gated communities, and the established Westlake commercial node.
  • Dynamic Tenant Mix: Ideal for retailers, boutiques, specialty shops, and professionals seeking elegant office spaces.
  • Transportation Access: Proximity to bus routes, taxis, and railway stations, ensuring easy commuting for all.
  • Total GLA: 5,340 sqm of space, providing a substantial area for businesses to thrive.