Waterstone Business Park

Capricorn, Cape Town view

Waterstone Business Park, nestled within the secure confines of Capricorn Business Park at 20 Capricorn Drive, presents an exceptional opportunity for businesses seeking a premier sectional title industrial complex in Cape Town, South Africa.

Property Features:

Unit Configuration: Comprising 13 light industrial units, Waterstone offers versatile spaces ranging from 289sqm to 609sqm, catering to diverse business needs.

Power Supply: Each unit is equipped with a robust electrical infrastructure, boasting between 60 and 80 amps of three-phase electricity, ensuring seamless operations for businesses with varied power requirements.

Design Concept: The units are thoughtfully designed to optimize functionality, featuring a well-defined layout encompassing a warehouse/storage area, office space, mezzanine, and a small balcony.

Roller Shutter Door: The warehouse component is equipped with a 4.5m high chain-operated roller shutter door, facilitating efficient loading and unloading operations.

Facilities: Within the units, occupants benefit from the convenience of a kitchenette and ablutions strategically positioned in both the office and warehouse areas, enhancing overall operational efficiency.

Parking: Each unit boasts exclusive use of between 4 and 8 parking bays, providing ample space for both staff and clientele.

Location Advantages:

Accessibility: Waterstone Business Park enjoys a strategic location off Prince George Drive (M5), ensuring seamless connectivity to major transportation routes.

Public Transport: With easy access to public transport, including bus services, taxis, and railway connections, the property is well-positioned for businesses prioritizing accessibility for employees and clients alike.

Security and Environmental Features:

24/7 Security: Situated within Capricorn Business Park, the complex benefits from a secure environment with 24/7 security measures, ensuring a safe and protected workspace.

Environmental Protection: Capricorn Business Park is committed to environmental preservation, offering a green and sustainable working environment.

In summary, Waterstone Business Park not only provides a range of meticulously designed industrial units but also offers a secure and environmentally conscious setting within the esteemed Capricorn Business Park. This makes it an ideal choice for businesses seeking a harmonious blend of functionality, security, and environmental responsibility in the vibrant landscape of Cape Town. Features

  • Versatile industrial units: 289-609sqm.
  • Robust 3-phase power supply.
  • Smart, functional unit layout.
  • High roller shutter door (4.5m).
  • Exclusive parking (4-8 bays).
  • Strategic M5 accessibility.
  • Close proximity to public transport.
  • 24/7 security in Capricorn.
  • Green, eco-friendly environment.
  • Ideal for diverse business needs.