Trio Park: Prime Park

Montague Gardens, Milnerton view

Trio Park is an A-grade sectional title complex located within the Prim Park estate in Montague Gardens. The entrance to Prime Park is from Printers Way via Omuramba Road or Freedom Way. At the entrance to Prime Park, you are met by a guardhouse with 24/7 manned security. Every vehicle entering Prime Park has their driver's licence and licence disk scanned before being given access. Tenants and occupants within are given access disks which are updated regularly to ensure only current occupiers and business vehicles are allowed into the complex without needing to sign in.

After entering Prime Park, Trio Park is a 400m drive from the entrance. Trio Park consists of 2 separate blocks, each comprising 3 warehouses. The warehouses range from 287m2 to 650m2 in size and constructed in grey face brick, providing low maintenance and clean look. Each of the warehouses has a ground floor office area and reception. Bathrooms are found in the front office area, as well as in the warehouse. There are between 4 and 6 parking bays allocated to each warehouse. The front parking bays are covered by the first floor office areas while the parking behind the warehouses are open bays.

Trio Park is one of 6 sectional title complexes found within Prime Park. The other 5 sectional title complexes are; West End, East End, The Square, Protea Place and The Gables.

Each warehouse has a roller shutter door, some of which have a second at the back of the warehouse. This allows large trucks to drive through the warehouses and for separate loading and offloading doors. All warehouses are double volume and have 3 phase power. Businesses are attracted to Prime Park for its well-maintained roads, paved areas and well maintained landscape.

Montague Gardens is a highly desirable industrial node on the periphery of the upmarket office node of Century City. Known as Cape Town's premium industrial node for its modern warehouses and well-established businesses. Montague Gardens' central location is a mere 10 minutes' drive from Cape Town's Harbour and midway between the Cape Town CBD and Northern Suburbs. The Montague Gardens-Marconi Beam Improvement District ensures that the area is well maintained, clean and monitored by patrolling vehicles to ensure the best level of security being monitored constantly.

For more information on leasing and sale opportunities or for comparable options in Trio Park, Prime Park or greater Montague Gardens, Marconi Beam, Milnerton and surrounding areas, contact Safcom Properties' area specialist. We look forward to assisting you make the most informed decisions on your property search and will assist you find the most suitable premises for your business. You can be assured of a quick response time, professional service, and our most valued advice. Features

  • Sectional title complex within Prime Park estate
  • 6 Multi-tenanted warehouses with offices
  • Light industrial users and clean businesses only
  • Size of warehouses range from 287m2 to 6500m2
  • Larger businesses can be accommodated by combining warehouses
  • High roller shutter door
  • Accessible by large trucks
  • 3 Phase Power
  • Double volume warehouse
  • Small office area relative to warehouse
  • Reception area
  • Separate bathrooms (warehouse & office areas)
  • Kitchenette
  • Ample parking bays (cvovered and open bays)
  • 24/7 On-site security
  • Fibre enabled
  • Central location and easy access from major highways and roads (N7, N1, Bosmansdam Road, Montague Drive and Ratanga Road)