The Pavillion

Century City, Milnerton view

Welcome to The Pavilion at The Courtyard, an epitome of sophistication and functionality in the heart of Century City. This meticulously designed A-grade office building, situated within the access-controlled estate off Esplanade Road, offers not only a premium workspace but a strategic business investment.

Key Features:

Prime Location: Nestled within The Courtyard, The Pavilion enjoys a central position, providing occupants with a prestigious address in the bustling Century City business district.

Architectural Excellence: Rising three stories with a basement level, The Pavilion's A-grade offices overlook the central Oval and tranquil canal waterways, offering a picturesque and inspiring work environment.

Parking Convenience: The building provides both basement and ground floor parking, ensuring accessibility and convenience for occupiers and visitors alike.

Communal Amenities: The central foyer hosts separate communal ablutions for both ladies and gentlemen on each floor, contributing to a comfortable and inclusive workplace environment.

Vertical Access: Navigate effortlessly through the building with the centrally located elevator in the foyer, complemented by three flights of stairs providing access to each of the three floors.

Flexible Office Spaces: With 18 offices ranging from 128sqm to 200sqm, and some combined for larger spaces, The Pavilion caters to diverse business needs, fostering a dynamic and collaborative atmosphere.

Storage Solutions: Secure storerooms are available to occupiers, providing a practical solution for businesses requiring additional storage space.

Uninterrupted Productivity: Committed to seamless operations, The Pavilion ensures uninterrupted power supply through a backup generator, safeguarding productivity during unforeseen circumstances.

Ideal Businesses:

Perfectly suited for a variety of businesses, including law firms, financial institutions, tech companies, and creative agencies, The Pavilion offers a prestigious address that aligns with the aspirations of ambitious enterprises.

Connectivity and Amenities:

Transport Hub: Enjoy the convenience of close proximity to Century City's taxi and bus terminal, as well as the train station, facilitating easy commuting for employees and clients.

Scenic Surroundings: The Pavilion is surrounded by the serene canal and walkways, providing a tranquil setting for work, leisure, and collaboration.

Local Amenities: Within walking distance, occupants can explore a variety of amenities, including popular spots like Bootleggers, Bricklane Eatery, Canal Walk Shopping Centre, and Century Village Shopping Centre, adding convenience to the workday.

In summary, The Pavilion at The Courtyard isn't just an office space; it's a strategic investment offering a perfect blend of functionality, aesthetics, and connectivity in the dynamic landscape of Century City. Features

  • A-grade offices with canal views.
  • Central location in Century City.
  • Secure storerooms available.
  • Backup generator for uninterrupted power.
  • Proximity to transport hub.
  • Walk to Canal Walk Shopping.
  • Close to popular eateries.
  • Elegant double-volume entrance foyer.
  • Flexible office spaces, 128-200sqm.
  • Communal ablutions on each floor.