The Courtyard Building no 4

Century City, Milnerton view

The Courtyard Building No. 4, situated at 4 Esplanade Road, Century City, is an exceptional and upmarket office development designed by MWLF Architects. This two-level office building stands out with its prime location directly facing the central Oval, providing high visibility and panoramic views.

Key Features:

Architectural Excellence: Designed by MWLF Architects, the building is a testament to architectural excellence, ensuring a modern and flexible space for multi-tenant sub-divisions.

Size and Flexibility: With a substantial size of 1,027sqm, The Courtyard Building No. 4 is one of the larger structures within Central Park. The layout is optimized for flexibility, allowing for diverse tenant configurations.

Levels and Layout: The building comprises 956sqm of ground and first-floor offices, a 13sqm storage room, and a remarkable 200sqm terrace overlooking the central Oval. This layout offers a dynamic and versatile workspace.

Parking Facilities: The property features a dedicated semi-submerged parking facility below, providing 25 parking bays in the basement. Additionally, there are 14 open parking bays conveniently located in front of the building, ensuring ample parking space for occupants and visitors.

Scenic Terrace: The 200sqm terrace not only adds a touch of luxury but also provides a refreshing outdoor space for relaxation or meetings, offering breathtaking views of the central Oval.

Central Park Location: Being part of Central Park, the building enjoys a strategic location, contributing to its prominence within Century City. The central Oval enhances the aesthetic appeal and overall atmosphere of the property.

Ideal Businesses and Amenities:

The Courtyard Building No. 4 is ideal for businesses seeking a prestigious location with visibility and a modern office environment. Given its flexible design, it accommodates various business types, from startups to established corporations.

Transportation and Accessibility:

The property is conveniently located in Century City, ensuring easy access to different modes of transportation. The area is well-connected with bus routes, taxi services, and railway options, facilitating seamless commuting for employees and clients alike.

In summary, The Courtyard Building No. 4 stands as a premier office space within Century City, offering not only architectural distinction and flexible layouts but also a strategic location with excellent transportation links and amenities. Features

  • Designed by MWLF Architects, showcasing architectural excellence.
  • Two levels of offices with a flexible layout for multi-tenant sub-divisions.
  • Total size of 1,027sqm, including ground and first-floor offices.
  • Dedicated 13sqm storage room for added convenience.
  • Semi-submerged parking below, providing 25 basement parking bays.
  • Additional 14 open parking bays conveniently located in front of the building.
  • Central location within Century City's prestigious Central Park.
  • Prime positioning directly facing the central Oval for high visibility.
  • Strategic location contributing to the building's prominence.
  • Accessible to various modes of transportation, including bus routes, taxi services, and railways.
  • Part of a dynamic and well-connected business environment in Century City.
  • Suitable for a diverse range of businesses, from startups to established corporations.
  • Proximity to amenities within Century City enhances the overall work environment.