Teneo House (Courtyard Building 3)

Century City, Milnerton view

Teneo House at The Courtyard, a distinguished office building designed by MWLF Architects, offers a unique and versatile commercial space spanning 890 square meters. Nestled within the Central Park development, this two-level structure boasts a strategic position overlooking the central Oval.

Key Features:

Architectural Excellence: Crafted by MWLF Architects, Teneo House showcases a design focused on maximizing flexibility for multi-tenant sub-divisions, providing an adaptable environment for various businesses.

Size and Layout: With 890 square meters of space spread across two levels, Teneo House offers an expansive and well-organized workspace, catering to the diverse needs of modern businesses.

Parking Convenience: The semi-submerged parking below the building ensures convenient and secure parking facilities, enhancing accessibility for both tenants and clients.

Prime Location: Enjoying a prime location within the Central Park development, Teneo House benefits from its proximity to key amenities and a dynamic business environment.

Scenic Views: Overlooking the central Oval, the office spaces within Teneo House provide not only a functional workspace but also a visually appealing setting, fostering a conducive work atmosphere.

Strategic Advantages:

Flexibility for Multi-Tenant Use: The thoughtful design by MWLF Architects emphasizes flexibility, making Teneo House an ideal choice for businesses requiring multi-tenant sub-divisions.

Central Park Development: Being part of the Central Park development places Teneo House at the heart of a thriving business community, offering networking opportunities and a vibrant work environment.

Transportation Accessibility: The strategic location ensures easy access to various transportation modes, including buses, taxis, and railway services, facilitating seamless connectivity for commuting employees and clients.

Security Measures: Teneo House prioritizes the safety of its occupants with robust security measures, ensuring a secure and protected work environment.

Ideal Businesses:

Teneo House suits a variety of businesses seeking a dynamic and accommodating workspace. Its design and location make it particularly appealing for:

Start-ups: With flexible sub-divisions, start-ups can scale their operations conveniently within Teneo House.

Corporate Offices: Established companies can benefit from the prime location and well-designed office spaces for a professional and prestigious business address.

Consultancy Firms: The versatility of the space caters to the specific needs of consultancy firms, allowing for collaborative workspaces and private offices.

Teneo House at The Courtyard stands as a testament to thoughtful design, strategic location, and a commitment to providing an ideal commercial space for businesses to thrive. Features

  • 890sqm of versatile office space
  • Two levels for multi-tenant flexibility
  • Architectural design by MWLF Architects
  • Semi-submerged parking for convenience
  • Prime location overlooking the central Oval
  • Scenic views enhance work environment
  • Strategic proximity to key amenities
  • Transportation accessibility (bus, taxi, railway)
  • Robust security measures in place
  • Ideal for start-ups, corporate offices, and consultancy firms