Sable Park

Sable Park - A Corporate Masterpiece in Century City

Sable Park, a testament to architectural brilliance, is an iconic commercial office development nestled in the heart of Century City's Bridgeways precinct. Designed by the acclaimed dhk Architects and developed by the esteemed Rabie Property Group, this landmark property redefines the standards of corporate excellence and sustainability.

Architectural Marvel: Distinguished by its shifting volumes, central atriums, and layered envelopes, Sable Park's design by dhk Architects stands as a symbol of innovative thinking and visual sophistication. The collaboration between dhk Architects and Rabie Property Group has seamlessly translated conceptual brilliance into a tangible reality, creating a structure that is not only functional but also an architectural masterpiece.

Sustainable Elegance: Sable Park's commitment to sustainability is evident in every aspect of its design. Targeting a 5-Star Green Star SA rating, the development showcases the dedication of both architect and developer to environmentally conscious practices. The green podium, sunken amphitheater, and thoughtful integration with public spaces highlight a commitment to creating a harmonious environment.

Strategic Location: Situated at a prominent entry point into Century City, Sable Park enjoys unparalleled visibility on Sable Road, offering uninterrupted panoramic views of Table Mountain and the Cape Town CBD. The location is not just about aesthetics; it's a strategic choice that ensures easy access to main routes, public transport, and a plethora of lifestyle, retail, and recreational amenities.

Amenities and Connectivity: Within the Bridgeways precinct, Sable Park residents enjoy an array of amenities, including restaurants like Tiger's Milk, Seattle Coffee Co., Bootleggers, La Parada, Punjab Wok, and Square Cafe. Additionally, the development is in close proximity to the Century City Conference Centre and Hotel, Virgin Active Health Club, running and walking trails, Vida e Caffe, and Woolworths Food. The connectivity extends to Canal Walk Shopping Centre, ensuring convenience for all occupants.

Tenant Mix and Legacy: Sable Park has become a hub for blue-chip corporates, including ABSA, Chevron, Phillip Morris, Mastercard, and Thomson Reuters. This legacy speaks to the appeal of Century City as a corporate destination, and Sable Park takes its place as the latest and most prestigious addition to this vibrant business community.

Flexible Options and Modern Infrastructure: With flexible rental options starting from R200 per square meter, Sable Park accommodates a range of businesses. Plentiful secure parking, fiber optic infrastructure for superfast connectivity, and contemporary design elements, such as the central triple-volume atrium lobbies, contribute to an environment that fosters productivity and innovation.

Conclusion: Sable Park is not merely a property; it's a corporate sanctuary that blends architectural excellence, sustainability, and strategic positioning. With dhk Architects' visionary design and Rabie Property Group's commitment to quality, Sable Park stands as a testament to the evolution of Century City into a premier business destination. This rare opportunity offers businesses a chance to thrive in a space that harmonizes with the surroundings while setting new standards in corporate living. Features

  • Architectural Marvel by dhk Architects:
    • Shifting volumes, central atriums, layered envelopes.
    • Award-winning design for visual sophistication.
  • Sustainability and Green Star Rating:
    • Targeting 5-Star Green Star SA.
    • Green podium, sunken amphitheater integration.
  • Strategic Location and Panoramic Views:
    • Gateway site with high visibility.
    • Uninterrupted views of Table Mountain.
  • Amenities, Restaurants, and Connectivity:
    • Nearby Century Square restaurants.
    • Proximity to Canal Walk Shopping.
    • Easy access to public transport.
  • Tenant Mix and Corporate Legacy:
    • Hub for blue-chip corporates.
    • ABSA, Chevron, Mastercard, Thomson Reuters.
    • Adding prestige to Century City.
  • Flexible Rental Options and Modern Infrastructure:
    • Flexible options starting at R200/sqm.
    • Plentiful secure parking available.
    • Fiber optic infrastructure for connectivity.
  • Central Triple-Volume Atrium Lobbies:
    • Stunning lobby capturing north-facing views.
    • Strategic design for south-facing vistas.