Ottery, Cape Town

Ottery, found on the edge of the Southern Suburbs in Cape Town was established in 1904 as a residential suburb. Its name was derived from the Otter sanctuary founded here in the early 1900’s. As the neighbourhood rapidly expanded later in the century the sanctuary was forced to close.

Today, Ottery is a significant commercial property node with a rich blend of primarily industrial and retail business properties and home to The Youngsfield Military Base, Royal Cape Golf Club and Cape Town’s ‘official’ China Town.

Prominence of Industrial Properties Ottery is home to a variety of industrial properties which has historically attracted many packaging businesses to the area. The main industrial activity in Ottery happens around both Plantation Road and Bamboesvlei Road.

Public Transport Services Ottery is extremely well-serviced by public transport providers. The suburb was established in the early part of the 1900s, thanks to the railway line46. Today, the train and many of the local buses and taxis pass right through Ottery, making it accessible and easy to get around. The Ottery Railway Station and the Wetton Railway Station are also within easy walking distance to all businesses located in this industrial node.

Accessibility and Roadways Ottery’s location provides easy access to the major highways, the Southern Suburbs and Southern Peninsula. It is situated on the eastern side of the M5 motorway, which gives quick and easy access onto the M5 motorway via Ottery Road on the Southern side and Wetton Road on the Northern side. The M5 freeway gives direct access to both the N1 and N2 highways leading to and from the city. Ottery’s close proximity to the N2 also makes it very accessible to the Cape Town International Airport, which is about 18 kilometres away.

In conclusion, Ottery’s strategic location, excellent public transport services, and diverse range of businesses make it an attractive commercial property node.