Nexus Place

Capricorn, Cape Town view

Nexus Place, an exceptional sectional title industrial complex located at 26 Capricorn Drive within Capricorn Business Park, stands as a beacon of modern business infrastructure in Muizenberg. Boasting a strategic position along Capricorn Drive, the primary access route in the business park, Nexus Place offers a dynamic and accessible workspace for businesses across various industries.

Property Features: Building Structure:

Section One (Units 1A & 1B): A meticulously designed double-storey building, subdivided into two spacious units. Unit 1A: Expansive 507sqm workspace. Unit 1B: Generous 535sqm unit for versatile business operations. Sections Two and Three (Units 2 & 3): Comprising the second building, these units offer well-designed spaces. Unit 2: Practical 391sqm unit. Unit 3: Efficient 392sqm workspace. Unit Layout:

Each unit features a thoughtfully planned layout with a ground floor warehouse and first-floor offices. Modern warehouse spaces on the ground floor complemented by well-appointed office areas on the first floor. Dedicated kitchenette and ablution facilities in each unit enhance occupant convenience. Parking Facilities:

Ample allocated covered and open parking bays ensure secure parking for businesses operating within Nexus Place. Access and Security:

Internal staircases facilitate seamless movement between floors. Roller shutter door access streamlines loading and unloading operations. The entire complex benefits from robust security measures, including CCTV surveillance and access-controlled entry points within Capricorn Business Park. Power Supply:

All units are equipped with three-phase power, catering to diverse operational needs. Business Environment: Nexus Place provides an optimal environment for businesses, whether engaged in manufacturing, distribution, or office-based operations. Its strategic location within Capricorn Business Park fosters a vibrant and supportive business community.

Transportation and Amenities: Proximity to major transportation routes, including bus and taxi services, facilitates easy commuting for employees. The well-connected railway network enhances accessibility for businesses relying on efficient logistics.

In summary, Nexus Place at 26 Capricorn Drive not only offers a variety of unit sizes but also provides a dynamic and secure workspace in the heart of Muizenberg's industrial landscape. This modern complex, with its practical design, essential amenities, and strategic location, stands as an attractive proposition for businesses seeking a conducive environment for growth and success. Features

  • Prime location on Capricorn Drive
  • Two distinct buildings, three sections
  • Unit sizes: 507sqm, 535sqm, 391sqm, 392sqm
  • Ground floor warehouse, first-floor offices
  • Allocated covered and open parking
  • Robust security with CCTV surveillance
  • Three-phase power in all units
  • Internal staircases for easy access
  • Roller shutter door for efficient operations
  • Proximity to major transportation routes
  • Vibrant business community in the area