Leo Factories

Diep River, Cape Town view

Leo Factories, a premier light industrial business park in Diep River, offers an exceptional opportunity for businesses seeking an ideal workspace. Located on the corner of Prncesvlei and Leo Roads, this complex boasts a range of enticing features and benefits that make it a prime choice for savvy entrepreneurs. Here's a detailed description of the property's characteristics, including the newly provided information:

Location: Nestled in the heart of Diep River, Leo Factories enjoys strategic positioning with easy access to Princesvlei Road. This location provides excellent connectivity to major transportation routes, making it convenient for both suppliers and clients to reach your business.

Unit Specifications: Leo Factories comprises 20 sectional title units, each sized at 107 square meters. These spacious units offer ample room for a variety of light industrial operations, allowing for flexibility and customization to suit your business needs.

Parking: Each unit within Leo Factories has two allocated parking bays. This ample parking space not only ensures convenience for employees and visitors but also supports efficient logistics and loading/unloading processes.

Roller Shutter Doors: Every unit at Leo Factories is equipped with a roller shutter door, a valuable asset for businesses requiring easy access for the movement of goods, equipment, and vehicles. This feature enhances operational efficiency and convenience.

Ablutions: Leo Factories goes the extra mile in providing convenience for your workforce with dedicated ablution facilities within each unit. This thoughtful inclusion ensures that your employees have access to clean and well-maintained amenities throughout the workday.

Security: The complex is located opposite a residential area where security is a priority. The majority of units also have burglar bars for added protection and to ensure peace of mind.

Ideal for Diverse Businesses: Leo Factories is suitable for a wide range of businesses, including light manufacturing, warehousing, distribution, and more. The versatile units can be adapted to meet the specific requirements of various industries, making it a dynamic business hub.

Amenities and Transport: The complex benefits from excellent transport options, including access to bus routes, taxis, and nearby railway stations. This connectivity makes it easy for your workforce to commute and ensures efficient transportation of goods and materials.

Investment Potential: Leo Factories presents an attractive investment opportunity due to its location, unit sizes, parking provisions, roller shutter doors, and ablution facilities. Whether you plan to operate your business here or lease out units, it offers a solid return on investment.

In summary, Leo Factories in Diep River is a prime light industrial business park that checks all the boxes for businesses looking for an exceptional workspace. Its strategic location, generous unit sizes, ample parking, roller shutter doors, and dedicated ablution facilities make it a standout choice in the Cape Town area. Whether you're a startup or an established business, Leo Factories offers a compelling opportunity to thrive in a dynamic and well-connected environment. Features

  • Location near major transportation routes
  • 107 sqm spacious units
  • Two parking bays per unit
  • Roller shutter doors included
  • In-unit ablution facilities
  • Enhanced security measures
  • Versatile for diverse businesses
  • Networking opportunities available
  • Convenient access to transport
  • Strong investment potential