Hlokoma Park

Marconi Beam Industria, Milnerton view

Hlokoma Park is an exceptional modern industrial park situated at 7 Platinum Crescent, Montague Gardens. This prime location offers a range of four warehouses, varying from 226sqm to 278sqm, catering to diverse industrial needs.

Property Features:

Warehouse Excellence: Each unit boasts a high roller shutter door providing access to a spacious double-volume warehouse/storage area. Within, you'll find well-appointed ablutions and a convenient kitchenette.

Office Sophistication: The office area is thoughtfully designed, featuring a welcoming ground floor reception and open-plan offices above. Additional ablutions and a kitchenette add to the functionality of the workspace.

Power Efficiency: Three-phase power is readily available, catering to the needs of light industrial equipment, ensuring operational efficiency.

Security Measures: Hlokoma Park prioritizes security with an intercom system at the entrance gate, allowing visitors to request access. The one-way entry and exit system, facilitated by remote-controlled sliding gates, enhances security and ensures smooth traffic flow.

Ample Parking: Each industrial unit is complemented by ample parking, addressing the practical needs of businesses operating within the complex.

Maneuverability: Conveniently located in Platinum Close, a cul-de-sac, Hlokoma Park provides easy maneuvering for vehicles. The strategic design of the entrance and exit gates onto Platinum Crescent enhances traffic flow within the complex.

Management Excellence: Known for its effective management and well-maintained facilities, Hlokoma Park stands out as a preferred choice for distribution businesses.

Ideal Businesses and Amenities:

Hlokoma Park is particularly suitable for distribution businesses, given its popularity in this sector. The strategic location, coupled with the efficient layout, makes it a prime choice for those seeking a functional and secure industrial space.

Transport and Connectivity:

The complex benefits from its proximity to transport options, including buses, taxis, and railways, facilitating easy movement of goods and personnel.

In summary, Hlokoma Park is not just a space; it's a business solution tailored for modern industrial needs. Secure, efficient, and strategically located, it sets the stage for businesses to thrive in Montague Gardens. Features

  • Prime Location: Montague Gardens industrial hub.
  • Versatile Warehouse Sizes: 226sqm to 278sqm options.
  • Efficient Traffic Flow: One-way entry/exit system.
  • Secure Premises: Intercom and controlled gates.
  • Ample Parking: Convenient on-site parking.
  • Office Excellence: Reception, open-plan, and amenities.
  • Three-Phase Power Supply: Ideal for industrial equipment.