Food Lover's Market Bothasig

Bothasig, Milnerton view

Introducing the Food Lover's Market Flagship Store in Edgemead, a premier retail center that stands as a testament to modern convenience and accessibility. Completed in 2023, this 3,000sqm retail haven is strategically situated at the corner of Bosmansdam Road and Vryburger Avenue, providing exceptional exposure and easy access to and from the N7 and N1 highways.

Key Features:

Prime Location: Nestled at a pivotal intersection, the Food Lover's Market enjoys optimal visibility, making it a landmark for residents and commuters alike.

Accessibility: The strategic positioning ensures effortless accessibility for shoppers arriving from Milnerton, Century City, Plattekloof, Durbanville, and the surrounding areas, creating a hub for a diverse customer base.

Flagship Status: As the flagship store for Food Lover's Market, this retail center sets the standard for excellence in offering a vast array of high-quality products and a superior shopping experience.

Spacious Retail Environment:** Boasting an expansive 3,000 square meters, the retail space allows for a comprehensive and enjoyable shopping experience, accommodating a diverse range of products.

Free Parking: The convenience of a large, free parking area directly in front of the building enhances the overall shopping experience, providing visitors with hassle-free access to all essentials and more.

Strategic Catchment Area:

- Milnerton - Century City - Plattekloof - Durbanville

Business Opportunities:

The central location and broad appeal of the Food Lover's Market Flagship Store make it an ideal space for various businesses. Potential ventures may include specialty shops, cafes, or complementary services that cater to the diverse needs of the bustling community.

Amenities and Transport:

Transport Options: Convenient access to the N7 and N1 highways ensures seamless connectivity for both shoppers and businesses, facilitating easy transportation to and from the location.

Parking: Ample free parking directly in front of the building.

In summary, the Food Lover's Market Flagship Store in Edgemead not only embodies modern retail excellence but also offers a prime opportunity for businesses to thrive in a strategically located and well-connected commercial space. Features

  • - Flagship status for Food Lover's Market
  • - Prime corner location for visibility
  • - Easy access to N7 and N1
  • - 3,000sqm spacious retail environment
  • - Free parking for convenience
  • - Strategic catchment area
  • - Ideal for diverse business ventures