Estuaries No. 2 (Estuaries Plaza)

Century City, Milnerton view

Situated within The Estuaries Precinct of Century City, No. 2 The Estuaries, affectionately known as Estuaries Plaza, stands as a beacon of contemporary architecture and sustainability. Construction of this impressive 4,199sqm office space commenced in July 2006, culminating in its completion in April 2007. Constructed by Big Ben Construction, the circular design of the building on one side captures attention and sets it apart as a distinctive landmark in the area.

Key Features:

Green Star Building: Estuaries Plaza proudly holds a Green Star rating, signifying its commitment to environmentally conscious practices and sustainability.

Premium Grade Office Space: Boasting upmarket offices with highly efficient floor plates, the building offers a workspace tailored for optimal functionality and comfort.

Prominent Location: Positioned at the corner of Century Boulevard and Century Drive, the building enjoys a prime location within Century City, enhancing visibility and accessibility.

Naming Rights: Businesses have the opportunity to secure naming rights, adding a personalized touch to this iconic structure.

Net Zero Building: A hallmark feature of Estuaries Plaza is its status as a net zero building, producing off-the-grid potable water through an advanced water filtration system.

Renewable Energy Solutions: The building incorporates a solar PV solution and a backup generator to ensure operational continuity, even in the event of load shedding.

Size and Parking:

Ground Floor: 1,369sqm First Floor: 1,219sqm Second Floor: 1,078sqm Parking Facilities:

43 Open Parking Bays 81 Basement Single Bays 14 Tandem Bays Sustainable Initiatives:

Energy Efficiency: Estuaries Plaza implements cutting-edge lighting technology, with occupancy and light level sensors ensuring energy use remains below 2.0 W/m2 per 100 Lux.

Water Sustainability: The building reduces its potable water demand from the City of Cape Town by 88.5% through an on-site Waste Water Treatment and Purification System (WWTPS). Water-efficient fittings and irrigation systems further contribute to sustainable water usage.

Green Design: During the design phase, developers prioritized technologies that enhance efficiency while maintaining environmental consciousness, creating a workspace that is both healthy and productive.

Estuaries Plaza is not just a building; it's a testament to modern, sustainable design, offering businesses a unique and forward-thinking space to thrive. Features

  • Green Star-rated sustainability
  • Circular design by Big Ben
  • Prominent Century City location
  • Naming rights available
  • Net zero building features
  • Efficient floor plans
  • Solar PV solution
  • On-site water treatment
  • Reduced potable water demand
  • Energy-efficient lighting
  • Sustainable irrigation systems
  • Parking ratio: 4 bays/100m2