Dalton House

Westlake, Cape Town view

Dalton House stands as a pinnacle of modern business infrastructure, strategically located in the heart of Westlake Business Park. Comprising two distinct blocks, this property seamlessly merges functionality, accessibility, and security to provide an unparalleled business environment.

Key Features:

Office Block: Spanning approximately 150 square meters, the office block at Dalton House offers a spacious, well-designed workspace across both ground and first floors. Bright, open, and conducive to productivity, these offices are tailored for businesses aiming for efficiency and professionalism.

Warehouse: The property boasts a generously sized warehouse covering 440 square meters. Designed for ease of access, it allows large trucks to enter effortlessly, making logistics and distribution streamlined. With three-phase power infrastructure, the warehouse is equipped to support heavy manufacturing operations and large machinery, enhancing the scope of business activities.

Parking Facilities: Dalton House provides ample parking space, including both open and shaded bays. This feature ensures convenience for employees and visitors, enhancing accessibility and reflecting a considerate approach to the needs of the businesses within.

Location: Situated at the corner of Milton Way and Bell Crescent within Westlake Business Park, Dalton House enjoys a prime and prevalent location. This strategic positioning ensures visibility and accessibility, contributing significantly to the property's appeal for businesses seeking prominence and convenience.

Security: The property benefits from high-profile 24/7 security measures, offering occupants peace of mind and the ability to operate confidently at any hour. Access to Westlake Business Park is meticulously monitored through CCTV surveillance, ensuring that all vehicles and visitors are identified at the entrance boom. This comprehensive security infrastructure establishes Dalton House as a secure haven for businesses valuing safety and trust.

Accessibility: Dalton House is designed for ease of accessibility. The warehouse, especially, is structured to accommodate large trucks, simplifying the logistics process for businesses engaged in transportation and distribution.

Versatility: The dual nature of Dalton House, incorporating both office and warehouse spaces, renders it versatile and adaptable to a variety of businesses. Whether your enterprise requires spacious offices, extensive storage, or manufacturing facilities, this property offers the flexibility needed to support diverse business operations.

Dalton House at 9A Bell Crescent, Westlake Business Park, exemplifies the epitome of contemporary business infrastructure. Its thoughtful design, combined with robust security measures and strategic location, makes it an ideal choice for businesses aiming for success and efficiency. Experience the synergy of functionality and convenience at Dalton House, where your business aspirations find the perfect home. Features

  • Modern Infrastructure: Contemporary design for efficient and professional workspaces.
  • Dual Blocks: Comprising a 150 sqm office block and a 440 sqm warehouse for diverse business needs.
  • Ample Parking: Open and shaded parking bays ensuring convenience for employees and visitors.
  • Strategic Location: Prominent corner position at Milton Way and Bell Crescent for visibility and accessibility.
  • Warehouse Accessibility: Easily accessible warehouse for large trucks, simplifying logistics.
  • Three-Phase Power: Warehouse equipped with three-phase power for manufacturing and machinery operations.
  • Robust Security: 24/7 high-profile security and CCTV monitoring for a secure working environment.
  • Versatility: Adaptable space catering to offices, storage, and manufacturing needs.
  • Confidence in Operations: Security measures enable businesses to operate confidently round the clock.
  • Business Convenience: Thoughtfully designed to enhance productivity and operational efficiency.