Central Park Building no. 16

Century City, Milnerton view

Central Park Building no. 16, home to the Cape Town Cosmetic Dermatology Centre, stands as an architectural masterpiece within the dynamic Central Park landscape. Crafted by Big Ben Construction and designed by MWLF Architects, this exceptional building spans 322 square meters, seamlessly marrying aesthetic sophistication with functional versatility.

The exterior of the building is adorned with extensive glazing, offering sweeping views of the adjacent canal. This design not only imparts a modern and elegant aesthetic but also bathes the interior in natural light, creating a welcoming and open ambiance.

The vertical spatial articulation, a hallmark of MWLF Architects, cleverly maximizes the sense of space within the building's modest envelope. This thoughtful design ensures that despite its size, the interior remains spacious and adaptable, catering to diverse business needs.

Strategically positioned at the main vehicle-controlled entrance to Central Park, the building serves as a prominent landmark. The scenic views over the adjacent canal contribute to the overall tranquility and natural allure of the surroundings, making it a captivating location.

Central Park Building no. 16 is not only visually striking but also functionally versatile. With 322 square meters of space, it provides flexibility for various purposes, making it an ideal setting for the Cape Town Cosmetic Dermatology Centre or other commercial ventures.

The building's location within Central Park underscores a commitment to security and convenience. Meticulously planned infrastructure and security measures ensure a safe and conducive environment for businesses operating within the premises.

Moreover, the building's proximity to transport amenities, including bus and taxi services, enhances accessibility for clients and employees. This strategic integration of transportation options aligns with the practical considerations of businesses within the building.

In conclusion, Central Park Building no. 16, housing the Cape Town Cosmetic Dermatology Centre, is a testament to architectural brilliance and functional adaptability. With its modern design, versatile interior, and strategic location, it offers a distinctive and appealing space for businesses seeking a harmonious blend of style and practicality. Features

  • MWLF-designed
  • 322sqm building
  • Extensive glazing, canal views
  • Vertical spatial articulation for efficiency
  • Strategic Central Park entrance location
  • Versatile space for various purposes
  • Proximity to transport amenities