Castle Close

Westlake, Cape Town view

Castle Close presents a unique opportunity for businesses to thrive in a well-designed, secure, and conveniently located sectional title office park. Its adaptable spaces, modern amenities, and strategic positioning make it an attractive choice for businesses looking to establish a strong presence in the Westlake area of Cape Town.

Location: Castle Close is strategically situated at 4 Stibitz Street, Westlake, offering a prime location for businesses seeking versatile industrial spaces. This sectional title office park is conveniently accessible via the M3 and Main Road, providing seamless connectivity to the wider Cape Town area. Its proximity to key transportation arteries ensures easy commuting for employees and efficient logistics for businesses.

Zoning and Property Configuration: Castle Close is a General Industrial 1 (GI1) zoned complex, featuring four sectional title offices. Each office boasts both ground and first floor areas, providing versatile double volume spaces that can be utilized for offices, distribution, showrooms, or light industrial purposes. The offices vary in size, ranging from 127sqm to 214sqm, catering to diverse business requirements. Additionally, each office unit includes three designated parking bays, ensuring convenience for both employees and visitors.

Architectural Design and Amenities: The offices within Castle Close showcase a contemporary industrial aesthetic, combining functionality with a modern look and feel. The spaces feature semi-industrial units that can serve as showrooms, enhancing the property's versatility. Small truck height roller shutter doors facilitate seamless loading and unloading operations, catering to businesses involved in light industrial activities.

Moreover, the offices are equipped with essential amenities, including a full kitchen on the ground level and well-maintained toilets on both floors, ensuring a comfortable and practical working environment for occupants. The incorporation of electric fencing and CCTV cameras enhances security measures, providing a safe and secure setting for businesses and their assets.

Accessibility and Nearby Facilities: Castle Close offers exceptional accessibility, with a remote accessible vehicle entrance via the sliding gate, streamlining entry and exit processes for tenants and visitors alike. For fitness enthusiasts, Virgin Active is conveniently located within a 3-minute walk, providing a convenient option for staying active during work breaks. Additionally, Steenberg Village Shopping Centre, a mere 8-minute drive away, offers a range of retail and dining options, enhancing the overall convenience and amenities available to occupants.

Suitable Businesses: Castle Close is ideal for businesses seeking versatile spaces that can adapt to various commercial activities. Its semi-industrial units make it suitable for showrooms, while the double volume spaces cater to office, distribution, and light industrial purposes. Businesses involved in retail, manufacturing, distribution, technology, and creative industries would find Castle Close particularly appealing due to its adaptable layout and strategic location. Features

  • Location:
    • Strategically located at 4 Stibitz Street, Westlake
    • Easy access via the M3 and Main Road, ensuring seamless connectivity
    • Proximity to major transportation routes for efficient commuting and logistics
  • Zoning and Configuration:
    • General Industrial 1 (GI1) zoned complex
    • Four sectional title offices with ground and first-floor areas
    • Offices ranging from 127sqm to 214sqm, catering to diverse business needs
    • Three designated parking bays for each office unit
  • Architectural Design:
    • Contemporary industrial aesthetic
    • Semi-industrial units suitable for showrooms
    • Versatile double volume spaces adaptable for offices, distribution, and light industrial purposes
    • Small truck height roller shutter doors for easy loading and unloading
  • Amenities:
    • Full kitchen on the ground level for convenience
    • Well-maintained toilets on both floors for occupants' comfort
    • Electric fencing and CCTV cameras ensuring a secure environment
  • Security and Access:
    • Fully secured complex with remote accessible vehicle entrance via sliding gate
  • Nearby Facilities:
    • Virgin Active fitness center within a 3-minute walk
    • Steenberg Village Shopping Centre an 8-minute drive away, offering retail and dining options
  • Suitable Businesses:
    • Ideal for businesses in retail, manufacturing, distribution, technology, and creative industries
    • Adaptable spaces for showrooms, offices, distribution, and light industrial activities