Brackenfell Industrial, Brackenfell

Brackenfell Industrial, located about 30 kilometres North-East of the Cape Town’s CBD boasts a rich history of manufacturing and industrial activities, making it an attractive hub for businesses. The earliest activity in what is now known as Brackenfell was when the “de Clapmuts” was a refreshment post. The area known as “Kruispad” was transferred to Josua Selie in 1712. Later, in 1901, a portion of Kruispad was purchased by a Scottish immigrant named George Henry Walton. The flora on his new farm reminded him of his homeland in Scotland, and he named it Brackenfell. “Bracken” refers to a type of fern endemic to South Africa, and “Fell” means hill. This is how the area got its name. Strategic Location Brackenfell Industrial enjoys an excellent position, with easy access to major transport facilities and important roads. Brackenfell Industrial offers convenient access to the N1 and N2 highways, major routes facilitating seamless transportation. It is easily accessible via multiple arterial roads including Old Paarl Road, Kruis Road, R300 and Okavango Road. The area is also serviced by public transport services which include busses and taxis with passenger railway services available via Brackenfell Station. Business Activities The area has a long-standing tradition of manufacturing, attracting businesses from various sectors. The prominence of the area as a thriving industrial destination is exemplified through high profile businesses establishing themselves in the area. These businesses include; Food Lover’s Market, British American Tobacco, Pearson, and Docufile. These businesses and more have developed state-of-the-art warehousing facilities in the area.