14 Stibitz Street

Westlake, Cape Town view

Introducing 14 Stibitz Street, Westlake - A Prime Industrial Property

Situated in the heart of Westlake, 14 Stibitz Street stands as a testament to modern industrial excellence. Zoned as General Industrial 1 (GI1), this property spans across a generous 7,406 square meter erf, offering a versatile space that seamlessly combines a state-of-the-art warehouse, upscale offices, and ample parking facilities.

Key Features:

Warehouse Excellence: The modern warehouse is designed to meet the highest industrial standards. Multiple roller shutter doors provide convenient access, facilitating smooth operations. Equipped with three-phase power, this facility ensures optimal functionality for a variety of industrial activities.

Office Sophistication: Boasting two distinct office blocks, this property excels in providing premium office spaces. The first block, strategically positioned at the entrance, welcomes clients and visitors. The second block, located deeper into the property, offers a tranquil and focused working environment. Both blocks feature ground and first-floor upmarket offices, reflecting a commitment to professionalism and comfort.

Spacious Parking: A standout feature of 14 Stibitz Street is the abundance of parking available on-site. This feature is not only convenient for employees and clients but also enhances the overall accessibility and functionality of the property.

Paved Perfection: The property is entirely paved, ensuring a smooth and well-maintained surface. This not only adds to the aesthetic appeal but also contributes to the efficiency of daily operations, whether it be for vehicle movement or logistics.

Green Oasis: Beyond the industrial and office spaces, 14 Stibitz Street offers a refreshing contrast with its well-landscaped gardens adorned with trees. The outdoor break area provides a serene escape, allowing employees to recharge and enjoy nature in a carefully curated environment.

Strategic Location:

Located in Westlake, this property benefits from its strategic position within Cape Town's commercial landscape. The General Industrial 1 zoning opens doors to a wide range of business possibilities, making it ideal for enterprises seeking a dynamic and adaptable space.

Transportation Hub:

Transportation is seamless with convenient access to various modes of transit. The property's location ensures easy connectivity to buses, taxis, and the railway, facilitating efficient commuting for employees and clients alike.

Ideal Businesses:

Given its General Industrial 1 zoning, 14 Stibitz Street is perfectly suited for businesses across diverse sectors, including manufacturing, logistics, and technology. The well-appointed offices make it an attractive choice for companies that prioritize a sophisticated and professional workspace.

In conclusion, 14 Stibitz Street, Westlake, presents an unparalleled opportunity for businesses seeking a blend of industrial functionality and office elegance. From the modern warehouse to the upmarket offices and lush outdoor spaces, this property is a testament to excellence in commercial real estate. Features

  • Warehouse Excellence:
    • Modern, Efficient Design
    • Multiple Roller Doors
    • Three-Phase Power
  • Office Sophistication:
    • Dual Blocks Strategically
    • Upmarket Ground, First-floor Offices
  • Spacious Parking:
    • Ample On-Site Parking
    • Convenient for Clients
  • Paved Perfection:
    • Smooth, Well-Maintained Surface
    • Enhances Daily Operations
  • Green Oasis:
    • Landscaped Gardens, Trees
    • Tranquil Outdoor Break Area