10 Westlake Drive

Westlake, Cape Town view

Property Overview: 2 Stibitz Street, Westlake, is a prime industrial property offering a versatile space for various business needs. This property is strategically located in the heart of Westlake, featuring a generous 1,337sqm of gross usable area on a 1,145sqm erf. Zoned as General Industrial 1 (GB1), this property is ideal for light industrial use, manufacturing, showroom purposes, or high-end furniture and electrical component businesses. Its adaptable nature and excellent location make it a standout choice for entrepreneurs seeking a thriving business space.

Key Features:

1. Warehouse and Offices: The property comprises a spacious warehouse with ground and first-floor offices. The single-volume warehouse has a separate entrance leading to the showroom area, providing convenience and efficiency for your business operations.

2. Strategic Location: Situated on the corner of Stibitz Street and Westlake Drive, this property enjoys substantial vehicle and foot traffic, making it highly visible to potential customers. Its proximity to False Bay College enhances its accessibility and exposure to a diverse audience.

3. Excellent Signage Potential: With its prominent location and high visibility, the property offers excellent signage potential, allowing businesses to showcase their brand effectively to passersby.

4. Ample Parking: One of the notable advantages of this property is the ample parking space available, accommodating approximately 12 vehicles. This feature ensures convenience for both employees and clients, enhancing the overall accessibility of the property.

5. Connectivity and Transportation: 2 Stibitz Street is centrally located, with easy access to the M3 turn-off, facilitating seamless connectivity to major routes and neighboring areas. Public transport options, including buses and taxis, are readily accessible, providing convenient commuting options for employees.

6. Surrounding Amenities: The property is conveniently situated close to Virgin Active and various shopping centers, offering employees access to fitness facilities and a range of amenities. This prime location adds to the appeal of the property, providing a vibrant and dynamic environment for businesses to thrive.

7. Development Opportunity: In addition to its existing features, the property presents an excellent development opportunity. Entrepreneurs can explore the potential for further enhancements or expansions, customizing the space to meet specific business requirements and aspirations.

Conclusion: 2 Stibitz Street, Westlake, offers a unique blend of functionality, visibility, and development potential. Its adaptable design, strategic location, and surrounding amenities make it an ideal choice for businesses in the light industrial, manufacturing, or showroom sectors. Don't miss the chance to establish your business in this dynamic and growth-oriented environment. Features

  • Spacious Warehouse:
    • Single-volume warehouse with separate entrance to the showroom area.
    • Ideal for light industrial use, manufacturing, or showroom purposes.
  • Office Spaces:
    • Ground and first-floor offices offering functional workspaces for administrative tasks.
  • Strategic Location:
    • Corner location at Stibitz Street and Westlake Drive, ensuring high visibility.
    • Proximity to False Bay College, attracting diverse foot traffic.
    • Easy access to major routes, including the M3 turn-off, enhancing connectivity.
  • Parking Facilities:
    • Ample parking space for approximately 12 vehicles, ensuring convenient on-site parking for employees and clients.
  • High Visibility and Signage:
    • Excellent signage potential, allowing businesses to showcase their brand effectively.
  • Development Potential:
    • Opportunity for further development and customization, catering to specific business needs and expansions.
  • Surrounding Amenities:
    • Close proximity to Virgin Active and various shopping centers, providing access to fitness facilities and diverse retail options.
  • Transportation Accessibility:
    • Convenient access to public transport options, including buses and taxis, facilitating easy commuting for employees.
  • Adaptable Usage:
    • Adaptable property suitable for a range of businesses, from light industrial and manufacturing to high-end furniture and electrical components.
  • Foot Traffic:
    • Significant vehicle and foot traffic passing by the building, ensuring exposure to potential customers.
  • Business Flexibility:
    • Versatile space accommodating a variety of businesses, allowing for flexibility and scalability.
  • Security:
    • Potential for implementing security measures to ensure the safety of the premises and assets.
  • Vibrant Environment:
    • Dynamic and lively environment with nearby amenities, creating a vibrant atmosphere for employees and clients alike.