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There is an element of risk to all investments. In real estate, one risk is on the top of every investor's mind when investing in buying property for rental income, particulary when buying residential property. The general concensus is the tenant you lease your property is the most important decision you make as a property owner and investor.

It is no secret that getting good returns on rental property starts with having a well-paying tenant. Tenant Profile Network (TPN) credit bureau specialises in property rentals and is the largest credit bureau in Africa to specialise in vetting tenants for rental properties. Their dedication to this niche market has allowed TPN to create specialised systems helping landlords make better decisions on which tenants to place, and assisting landlords in collecting their rent each month. TPN provides the infrastructure to assess the quality of tenants and allows you to determine the likelihood of a tenant to pay on-time and in fulll! Safcom Properties recommends TPN and is constantly using their system to assess tenants on behalf of and as far as possible protect landlords.

In the unfortunate instance that a good paying tenant turns bad or a bad tenant is inheritted, it helps to know the know the exact steps you need to follow to ensure a quick and easy eviction. Watch the video below to familiarise yourself with the process. Whether you personally take on the eviction process or outsource the services of an eviction attorney it is important to know and understand the correct procedure to ensure a successful eviction.

Tenant Profile Network's (TPN), Peter Manning, discusses the eviction guide in the TPN legal training video below.


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