About Us

Safcom Properties is a Cape Town based team of property consultants focused on the South African commercial property market. Safcom offers a both comprehensive and professional property related service which centres around the letting, sales and management of commercial property assets (industrial, office and retail).

The nature of the property industry is such that uniformity and certainty of information are often found to be lacking. Gathering the information required to make an informed property decision can therefore turn into a frustrating and time consuming task.

This is where Safcom provides value to our clients – by forming the vital link between tenant, landlord, stakeholder, contractor, investor or managing entity. Over the years, Safcom has developed an extensive database of properties and formed relationships with their owners and tenants. This enables us to provide you with the most comprehensive and accurate information, as well as offer the most assured advice to assist you when making an informed property decision.

  1. Are you a prospective tenant or buyer looking to expand, downsize, sublet or re-locate your business premises?
  2. Are you an owner of commercial property?
  3. Are you a property investor or developer looking for yield-enhancing property to buy?

If so, we encourage you to get in contact with one of our property consultants specialising in your desired area or give the office a call on 021 552 8871. At Safcom we assure you of our best attention, with a strategy of maximising attention on our targeted areas in which we operate. Our consultants are as a result, all specialists in their respective areas and able to offer a tailored and personalised service based on individual client needs and preferences.